The genesis of the tour

After spending 10 years in the French moguls team and a 4th place during 1994's Olympic Games, Olivier Cotte stopped competition in 1998 and became La Plagne moguls team's coach.

At this time, the "New Freestyle" is the new discipline that young riders wants to do. But at the time, it wasn't as developped in skiing as it was in snowboarding, the idea of creating a tour based on freestyle disciplines (slopestyle, halfpipe, big air and skicross) came along.  The first competition is organised in 2001.

At the beginning, the tour was 100% french and intended for french athletes and teams.
It thus revealed french freestyle stars : from Marie Marinod (2nd at Sotchi's Olympic Games 2014), Laurent Favre (2nd at Aspen's X Games 2006), to Kevin Rolland (five times X Games Gold medallist in Aspen and Tignes, and Third at Sotchi's Olympic Games 2014), by the way of Thomas Krief (2nd at Tignes' X Games 2012), Benoit Valentin (Halfpipe World Cup winner in 2011) or Xavier Betoni (1st at Aspen's X Games 2009)... All of them started their careers on the Freestyle Tour.

The Freestyle Tour has remained true to its original spirit of competition open to all, in which pros and non-pros can both register in the three categories of Men, Women and Kids

During 17 years of life, the Freestyle Tour is part of the majors European competitions, at once springboard for new generations and key meeting  for the world's best riders.

Previous editions





Fresh off the plane from the PyeongChang Olympics, the best halfpipe skiers in the world are gathering in Tignes between the 19th-22nd of March for the Ultimate Ears Freestyle Tour, the final stage of the discipline’s World Cup.


6 athletes will be proudly wearing medals won in Korea, not least Marie Martinod, with this event being the French rider’s final competition.




Satisfied with their synergy with the 2017 event, the brand Ultimate Ears has strengthened its involvement becoming the title partner of the Freestyle Tour. This partnership highlights a shared passion for authenticity; freestyle skiing being the expression of an athletic art that’s daring, captivating and original.



Font-Romeu Pyrénées 2000's stage becomes a slopestyle skiing world cup event

. 3 stages :
- Font-Romeu Pyrénées 2000 - Slopestyle - "Level Platinum" at the AFP World Tour – FIS World Cup
- La Clusaz - Slopestyle - "Level Platinum" at the AFP World Tour
- Tignes - Halfpipe - "Level Platinum" at the AFP World Tour – FIS World Cup final

. 145 000 $ de prize money

In 2017, the SFR Freestyle Tour emerges one more time in the international competitions' calendar by opening the season with the first slopestyle skiing World cup in France, in Font-Romeu Pyrénées 2000 from january 11th to 14th.
This competition will be the first qualifying event for the 2018 Olympic Games.  

The Tour will go on with a slopestyle skiing "invitational" competition in La Clusaz, ranked Platinum at the AFP World Tour, in February and the halfpipe World cup final in Tignes, in March.


The world’s best skiers’ meeting

. 4 AFP World Tour stages :
- Val Thorens - Slopestyle "Level Gold"
- Vars - Slopestyle "Level Silver"
- Tignes - Halfpipe "Level Platinum"
- La Clusaz - Slopestyle "Level Platinum"

. 120 000 $ prize money

Driven by its previous success, the FIS reiterated its collaboration with the SFR Freestyle Tour. Tignes' stage has been the halfpipe world cup final for the second year in a row.

Kevin Rolland win the Cristal Globe in front of more than 15 000 spectators, followed by Aaron Blunck and his fellow countryman, Ben Valentin (World n°3 in 2016).
The women's competition in won by Ayana Onozuka for the second year in a row, in front of 2 american skiers, Devin Logan and Maddie Bowman. Marie Martinod ranks at the third place of the competition and places herself at the 6th position of the Cristal Globe ranking. 

La Clusaz's Platinum stage is won by the AFP World Tour n°1,  the Norwegian skier, Oystein Braaten. He gets in front of the Candian rider Alex Bellemare and the British athlete James Woods.
In the women's category, Kelly Sildaru wins the competition in front of Isabel Atkin and Tess Ledeux (winner of Vars' stage)  


Tignes' stage become the halfpipe skiing world cup final

Agree to the request of the FIS, Tignes' stage, ranked Platinum at the AFP World Tour, become the halfpipe skiing world cup final. The SFR Freestyle Tour acquire a new worldwide recognition. The world's best skiers are a part of this final to try to win the Cristal Globe.

The winner of the 2015 World Cup is the american David Wise (2014 Olympic champion in Sotchi), followed by Gus Kenworthy and the French rider Kevin Rolland (3rd in Sotchi 2014 Olympic Games).
The japanese athlete Ayana Onozuka wins the women's halfpipe competition, in front of Janina Kuzma (5th in Aspen's 2015 X Games) and Devin Logan.


The SFR Freestyle Tour become the key freestyle skiing event in Europe

With 2 AFP World Tour Platinum events and Tignes' X Games cessation, the SFR Freestyle Tour is the event that offers the most points to the AFP ranking in Europe. It becomes a key event on the international freestyle skiing scene. In 214, it takes an important media step with the live broadcast on l'Equipe 21.

. 4 stages ranked at the AFP World Tour Including 2 "Level Platinum" :
- Val Thorens - Slopestyle "Level Gold"
- Vars - Slopestyle "Level Gold"
- La Clusaz - Halfpipe "Level Platinum"
- Tignes - Halfpipe "Level Platinum"

140 000 $ prize money

Many international riders are high ranked during the 2014 Tour. The slopestyle's men podium is won by the Swedish rider Oscar Wester, followed by the vice-olympic champion Gus Kenworthy and his fellow countryman, McRae Williams (World n°9 in 2016).
In Halfpipe, both first places are won by french skier Kevin Rolland (World n°1 in 2016) and Marie Martinod (2nd at Sotchi 2014 Olympic Games).  


5 stages ranked to the AFP World Tour, including 2 "Level Gold" stages

Val Thorens - Slopestyle "Level Silver"
Tignes - Halfpipe "Level Gold"
Vars - Slopestyle "Level Gold"
Alpe D'Huez - Big Air "Level Silver"
La Clusaz - Big Air "Level Silver"

2 wild cards for the X Games Europe are brought into play (1 in halfpipe et 1 in slopestyle)
70 000 € prize money

La Clusaz's skier, David Bonneville (top 3 in Vars, l'Alpe d'Huez et La Clusaz) wins a Wild card for the X Games Europe.
The American Gus Kenworthy (AFP World Tour 2016 n°1) wins the second Wild Card in halfpipe.

We also had the chance to applaud the 11 years old Estonian prodigy, Kelly Sildaru, who already has the skill level of the world's best women skiers.
She ranks first of the SFR Freestyle Tour in Slopestyle.
In Halfpipe, the french skier Anaïs Caradeux (vice world champion in Olso, 2013) wins the competition, followed by her fellow countrywoman, Marie Martinod (2nd at Sotchi 2014 Olympic Games).


The SFR Freestyle Tour registered at the AFP World Tour’s calendar

The AFP World Tour (Association of Freeskiing Professionals) has registered the SFR Freestyle Tour at its calendar, gathering the biggest international ski freestyle competitions. The world's best skiers will take part in these races to attempt to earn the most points and to end up with the title of World Champion at the end of the winter.

. One additional stage: a competition in the X Games' superpipe in Tignes
. 5 "Silver" stages at the AFP World Tour (Val Thorens, Tignes, l'Alpe d'Huez, La Plagne, La Clusaz)
. 4 Wild cards for the X Games Europe are given to the tour's winners (2 in slopestyle and 2 in halfpipe)
. 39 000 € prize money

In Halfpipe,  Wild cards for the X Games Europe go to two french riders : Nicolas Bijasson et Antoine Blanchi
After 6 years of absence, Marie Martinod comes back and wins the women competition.

Alex Remonnay gets the first spot of the Kids' contest.

In slopestyle, the Finnish Anti Ollila and the French Jules Bonnaire get on the podium's two highest steps and both win a wild card to the X Games Europe. 
Coline Ballet-Baz, skier from Les 2 Alpes (France), takes the win for the women competition !



Wild cards for X Games Europe to win

. 3 disciplines (Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air)
. 4 stages (La Plagne, Val Thorens, La Clusaz, l'Alpes d'Huez)
2 Wild Cards for X Games Europe in Tignes to win

. 23 000 € prize money

The SFR Freestyle Tour develops its international fame and allows riders to get into the X Games Europe.

As proof, halfpipe first places are won by americans : Wing Tai Barrymore and Devin Logan (World n°1 in 2016).
The young French skier, Antoine Adelisse, takes both halfpipe and slopestyle wins in the Kids category without nowing that we would take part in the 2014 Sotchi Olympic Games in slopestyle.
Markus Eder wins the men slopestyle competition as well as a Wild card for Tignes' Eurpean X Games, in front of Jules Bonnaire and Lucas Hogland, both french skiers.
On the women competition, the french skier Julie Bénard gets the first place in front of Katrin Aerts (Belgium).



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